Thursday, 4 December 2008

Julian Williams "Liquidamabar" CD

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LIQUIDAMBER is Julian's latest solo album and represents a merging of his pop and experimental careers, reflecting influences from the Beach Boys to John Cage. The 12 songs feature multi-layered vocal harmonies and time-shifted sound samples atop guitars, organs and flutes. His lyrics are about philosophy, the role of humans in the universe, and tribal rites and ceremonies from Africa, South America and Asia. Included is a bonus EP Signs/Skilti, which was the soundtrack to Julian's 2004 outdoor theatrical performance at Ceres.

"It's pop music for the experimentalists: highly original, highly idiosyncratic outsider music, with bizarre sounds careering around happily, over which Williams intones, multi-tracked in very loose harmony with himself. ... The icing on the cake is his vocal harmonies: his call and lethargic response, his dense and at times extremely scattered layers and pitches of vocals. ... It's music that bends time, that messes with your equilibrium and makes you wonder if you'll ever get old enough that the flashbacks will finally end." (Bob Baker Fish, Inpress, January 2009)

"Mystical and searching in the extreme, Williams has turned in a bottler of backyard surrealism that confirms him - if such a thing were in doubt - as key to Melbourne's current psych-primitivist crop." (Mark Gomes,, January 2009)

Split release with Spill Records.
Distributed in the UK by Cargo Records
Digital: i-tunes