Friday, 3 August 2007

SYN001 - Fennesz/Rosy Parlane - "Live at Synaesthesia" 3"CD (out of print)

Our first label release came about from having one too many beers with Peter Rehburg who encouraged us to start a label. Having recently had an in-store in our humble prahran outlet by Fennesz and Parlane which sounded pretty nifty we decided to release this. This cd always reminds me of a scorching hot summer day in that tiny space, replete with bbq aroma threatening to swamp the whole affair. Being a Fennesz release this sold out rather quickly and, if we were sensible, we would have just followed this route of releasing 'big name' overseas acts. Alas, we are fools and this was not to be. Despite any chagrin we felt a label focussing on neglected Australian artistic wares was a more satisfying option. Oh and for what's it's worth i just noticed this was in The Wire's end of year list of 2000 as one of the best 'outer limits' releases of the year! Goodness!