Friday, 3 August 2007

SYN003 - Bernard Parmegiani / Philip Samartzis - "Immersion" LP

This one took donkey's to come out. It was a matter of perpetual poverty more than anything else (vinyl is a luxury). This came about as Dr Samartzis had invited the charming Mr Parmegiani over too Australia as a part of the 'immersion' festival.
The festival also commisioned an exclusive track. A few years later Mr Parmegiani returned to play 'liquid architecture' and dropped by our shop. Being a foaming fan of Mr Parmegiani's work (Dedans Dehors remaining one of my favourite electronic works ever) and a fraction cocky, i simply asked him if it was possible if i could release some material and instantly Mr Parmegiani agreed. This came as a suprise, but he was serious, and so it was decided to put out a split vinyl release as a document of the initial 'immersion' festival. We had it mastered in Berlin by the golden 'Rashad Becker' and the strange and supreme artwork was tackled by filmaker Pia Borg. Joey at Plates of Sound in the US agreed to do this as a split label release helping with it's eventual release and distribution. Hat's off to all involved!

2 Parmegiani soundtracks:

une mission ephemere :

Scherzo Infernal: