Monday, 12 May 2008

Pateras/Baxter/Brown "Interferance" CD

A new cd by Pateras/Baxter/Brown is to be released on June 2nd, 2008 by emd records

42 minutes, 5 tracks. Limited edition of 500 copies. And comes in this weirdo nifty package:

1. Bulletproof Wallets. 4:16
2. You Can Do It Pimp Lucius. 13:18
3. What a Fool Believes. 5:03
4. Ghostschreddinglymuterfucingkillahinthethemotherfukinghouscunts. 5:15
5. Troo Kvlt In C. 14:08

Anthony Pateras: prepared piano
David Brown: prepared guitar
Sean Baxter: drums

All music by Pateras/Baxter/Brown. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Lawson at ABC Southbank Studios, Melbourne, Australia, 2006-2007. Photography by David Brown. Rust sculptures by Greg Kingston. Layout by Shehab at Implant. Special thanks to Artur Nowak, Chris Lawson, Musique Action, Mark Harwood, Will Guthrie, Petr Slaby, The Necks, Valerio Tricoli, Mary Oliver, Alternativa, Sandro Wiedmer, Sixto & Marion.