Friday, 3 August 2007

SYN012 - Robin Fox - "Backscatter" DVD

The Fox! Where does one start? Well, to be honest - right here! Fox is a quality example of the Australian experimental scene. I mean his parents got a divorce over serialism (one was pro, one was anti!), it can't get better than that.

"Working solo, Fox has spent several years combining electronically generated images and music. At first he patched into his sound system a clapped-out old oscilliscope with a rotary display, showing the frequency of the waveform circling round a still, central point as its zero baseline. The visuals do not accompany the music, nor vice versa: the two are mutually dependent manifestations of the same signal. The image is generated by the sound's waveform, which is in turn restricted to a range of sounds which produce visually interesting pattern's. (this quote has been stolen from ben harper's supreme blog)

In recent years The Fox has moved from oscilliscope to laser:

and somehow managed to work with Metallica:

and the chemical brothers! :