Friday, 3 August 2007

SYN013-SYN016 - Marco Fusinato - "Synaesthesia Edition" Part 1-4 4LP SET

The 0_ in the trilogy refers to an absence of music. ironically this process has produced damaged vinyl of the highest (lowest) order. the space, density and shape of the grooves determine the random composition of the audio, resulting in unfettered grit /noise / texture / chaos. this process provides a curious link between aesthetics in opposition, of silence and noise, the visual and the sonic. these works disrupt notions of linear playing time as found in conventional sound recordings and as a result, the possibility of endless variation arises from the erratic wanderings of the stylus running across the vinyl surface. the traditional process is reversed. ie: music is not dictated by what information is stored within the grooves, rather, the 'empty' grooves themselves create the "music". the end result is a simple and crude observation on the means of expression via sonic reproduction, which encourages the owner to partake in the overall shape of the audio along with observing the uncontrollable input of the needle itself.

Ben Curnow writes that Fusinato’s work: “…does not reflect a single reality that can be thought of as 'out there' and a given once and for all, but rather concerns generations of reality; it works in addition to reality and, in itself, as an elementary generation of reality”.